A Word To Parents



  1. » To facilitate good report between parents and teachers, provision is made for regular P.T.M.
  2. » Teachers will meet parents/guardians only by prior appointment or during P.T.M.
  3. » Parents should ensure that their wards should be in proper uniform and with books/note books as per time table.
  4. » Parents should ensure that their wards complete their home assignments in time.
  5. » Do not send your ward to school if he/she is unwell. There is no provision for half day leave for the students.
  6. » Wearing fanciful watches or broad shaped shoes, colouring of hair, applying mehndi, jewellery, valuable articles is not permitted.
  7. » Students are not allowed to commute to school on motored two wheelers.
  8. » Parents to ensure that their wards report to school in time. Students reporting late will be liable for punishment.
  9. » Any change in Residential Address/Phone Numbers should be intimated to the school office at the earliest.
  10. » Parents should not encourage private tuition.
  11. » Send your child to school with proper school uniform, text books, copies, stationary items and other material required for the day.
  12. » The school will not be responsible for any incident/event that takes place beyond the school premises, before/after school hours.
  13. » Parents should see SMS sent by school.
  14. » Parents and guardians must not enter the classrooms either to see their ward or to seek an interview with the teachers during school hours.
  15. » Parents and guardians of all the students should contact the teachers on the PTM days to note the progress of their wards.
  16. » Parents will not be allowed to take their wards along with them, without prior intimation to the bus drivers/conductors and class teachers, when they visit the scho»ol for any purpose.
  17. Parents should ensure that their wards complete their home assignments in time.